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Wardrobe Concierge Rates + Policies
Wardrobe Concierge Rates
Initial Consultation Deposit 

A deposit is required to book services with Wardrobe Concierge. Any deposit or pre-payment of service(s) will immediately be applied to and reflected on your invoice

Deposit amount required - $50. This can be paid via credit card or Venmo. 


The cleanout and reorganization.

Rates are determined by your location, needed organizational accessories, an anticipated timeline for completion. 


Concierge Consignment services. We consign it, you collect the profits.

Flat fee based on units in consignment with Wardrobe Concierge. An additional percentage may be collected to cover additional costs of the consignment process. Please refer to your estimate for additional information.


Wardrobe Curation. Personal shopping and styling. 

Hourly rate for services related to personal shopping and personal styling. For example, compiling a selection of clothing and a one-on-one fit session at your home. 


Donate your items and we will make sure they go to good use. 

This is a complimentary service for any RESTYLE or REVAMP client. You will receive an itemized list of donated amounts, value, and receipts for tax itemization purposes. 

Wardrobe Concierge Policies
Initial Consultation 

An initial consultation is requested in order for me to better understand your needs and goals. Our consultation will allow me to submit an accurate estimate for services as well as time. You can book your initial consultation here.

Cancelations + Rescheduling of Services

Once your initial consultation or future services are scheduled, you may still cancel or reschedule. If you need to reschedule, please reach out to me directly via email or phone as soon as you can. A minimum of 3 business days is required for any request to reschedule. If you are unable to provide a minimum of 3 days for your request to reschedule, you may be scheduled much further out into the future. Your deposit will not be refunded. 

Any appointment canceled and not rescheduled will forfeit the initial consultation deposit. 

I do understand that things can come up at a moment's notice, so I will try my best to work with you and your schedule. 

Confidentiality + Safety

Confidentiality is a key attribute to this business. We will never discuss your closet, appointments, clothing, or experience. I do not take for granted the amount of trust you are putting in me. Letting someone into your home can feel sketchy and uncomfortable and those anxieties increase for many people when you let me into your closet and allow me to explore your wardrobe. I may speak in generalities, but I will never identify you as a client of Wardrobe Concierge. I value your trust. I will never discuss your specific services with anyone. Ever. And please don't ask me to disclose information about other clients. 

The personal safety of you and of me is of utmost importance. As an independent business owner, I cannot afford to become ill or get injured. If I am unable to work, I am immediately disappointing my clients. For these reasons, I reserve the right to decline certain services if I feel as though one of us may be injured or become sick. I am fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and recently received my booster. I do not require you to wear a mask in your own home, but I will request you wear a mask if you have decided to not be vaccinated.  

Payment Policy

All invoices will be sent to the client upon the completion of billable services. Invoice payments are due within 30 days of the invoice date. Please reach out with any questions about your invoice. Payments are accepted via cash credit card or Venmo. 

(651) 494-8172

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