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Spend or Trend

Part of the philosophy I believe in for building someone’s wardrobe is to identify classic pieces able to stand the test of trends, and are flattering to you always. Those are the clothing items I encourage my clients to spend a bit more on. If being on trend is something you enjoy, I will help you find the items that you love at a price that makes it okay to wear for a season or two and then sell or donate.

One note on shoes and accessories. Shoes are important, if your feet hurt it will not matter how fabulous you look, you are still going to feel like poo. Your feet are the foundation of any outfit. Shopping sales, particularly out of season can reboot your footwear selection. Avoid imitation materials and footwear that do not bend with your natural movements.

Here are some of the items that I think you should always have in your closet as the staple and versatile pieces. I am posting the first five and will post more pieces later. Please feel to reach out via email ( or send me a DM on Instagram @wardrobe_concierge.


Classic Blazer - SPEND

A blazer is the prefect third layer and will elevate the look of literally anything. You can layer it over a dress, or pair it with a graphic tee and jeans. In my opinion a blazer is a necessity for every closet.

Some of the Wardrobe Concierge go-to spots to find your perfect blazer are, J.Crew, Club Monaco, Banana Republic and SuiStudio. If you have the patience, sometimes you can score a great vintage blazer in a thrift store or on an online selling platform.


Straight-Leg Denim - SPEND

Finding quality pair of jeans that fit and feel good can sometimes feel like trying to solve a shrouded mystery. A lovely universal fit is the Straight-Leg Denim. This cut of jean is super versatile which is why is gets added to the category of a staple piece. You can cuff them, roll the cuffs, and wear with a variety of shoes. Special shout out to the short ladies - these jeans will make you legs look longer, yes LONGER!

Check out Gap, Banana Republic and Citizens of Humanity for quality straight-fit denim.


Layered Necklaces - TREND

Personally, I am so happy that yellow gold is back in favor. It is a warm addition to any outfit. One negative is the price of gold. It has skyrocketed in the last decade making pieces like this feel unattainable in 14 karat gold. A positive is that the mass fashion jewelry has perfected the layered look without the dreaded tangle. Many layered necklaces have the construction built in or there are now special clasps you can buy to build your own layer. I have an example linked below.

The variety of styles you can put together is the other reason why I would recommend treating this like a trend and to not spend a lot on the pieces. Smaller budget, but a much larger selection.


Leather Chelsea Boots - SPEND

These boots are a fan favorite among a lot of the Wardrobe Concierge clients. There are some many different styles, heels heights, designs and colors. You can really individualize your selection based on the boot you select. One recommendation I will share is to try to find boots that are leather and already waterproof or can be treated against water damage. It is the worst when you spend a chunk of change on an item only to have it ruined within the first couple of wears.

The ease of these boots are why they make the list of wardrobe staples. First, they slip on. In a rush, no problem! You can wear them with pretty much anything in your closet including dresses and skirts which can be tricky with a boot. The key is to find the style that you are most comfortable with. Do you want something a little more sleek or would you like some that is a bit more rugged? Find your style, buy them, and make sure you treat the leather BEFORE you wear them. One other tip: Avoid exposed side zipper closures. These beat up your boots quickly.

Signing off for now, happy shopping!

xx, Emily

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