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what is                   ?

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I hand-select items for you based on your needs using my experience while being mindful of your budget and goals. Then, these items are delivered monthly, quarterly, or for specific occasions.

You choose.

what makes                    special?

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I have a unique ability to find the perfect piece of clothing or a gift for the person hardest to buy for. I parlayed the skill or as my sister refers to it, my superpower, into services offered by Wardrobe Concierge. ​After listening to the requests of my clients, friends, and family I developed em+me to streamline my services into regular deliveries.

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how is                    different from other styled boxes?

These items are truly personalized to you and your requests. em+me is more than a filled form on a website. I work with you directly.

I know you. No really, I know you, or I will take the time to get to know you. I listen to you, your goals, your needs, and what has been challenging in the past.

You know me. You probably have four different ways to get a hold of me and I am the one who answers, not a call center representative or a form email. I will always be excited to hear from you and eager to find a solution for you. I will reach out to see how things are going and how you are doing.

I keep my client list small so I can give your request the attention and time it requires to make it successful. Whether you need a pair of jeans you feel amazing in, a gift for your mom who has everything, or an outfit for a special event, I can deliver.

I work to find unique items that will feel special to you or the person I am shopping for. I pay close attention to the quality, construction, trend, and timelessness of each piece.


Our presentation is beautiful. It is a component of our experience that is not overlooked. I want you or the recipient to be excited when the delivery arrives and then to be astonished by the personalized selections curated just for you or the recipient when they open the box.

one of the best things about                   ?

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You will enjoy the ease of the process and the value of the service. And we will have some fun along the way, I promise.

Submit your contact information below and we can get started!

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Frequency of Deliveries?

I will reach out to you via your preferred contact method and we can chat a little more about what it is you're looking for. After we zero in, I will send you a confirmation email with a link for payment.

xx, em

Chat soon! xx, em

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